About Us

Basin and Range Organics (BAR O) is a Nevada-based, Organic Certification Program. It was created on July 9, 2015, after the Nevada Ag Council decided to discontinue the Organics Program administered through the Nevada Department of Agriculture. Its goals are to provide a Nevada-based Organic Certification hub for producers and handlers in Nevada in order to reduce costs incurred by out-of-state certification.

Additionally, it desires to build an educational resource base for regional farmers, ranchers, handlers, and the over-all community. Basin and Range Organics strives to promote the production and consumption of accessible, healthy food while protecting the land, its resources, and the surrounding wildlife through conservation and biodiversity practices implemented by organic standards.

Among the nuts and bolts of launching BAR O, we are also pushing full steam ahead in our press, media, and networking goals.
If you or an organization you know of would benefit from or be able to help in getting the word out about a new Nevada-based organic certifier, feel free to contact us in our questions form.

We would love to hear from you! We are looking forward to the ability to certify organic producers and handlers upon the birth of a new year.
Please stay tuned for the exciting times ahead!

Organic Food Certifier of Nevada!